My Greek Myth

Updated: 3/9/2021
My Greek Myth

Storyboard Text

  • Our home is so beautiful.
  • Ya, I would never want to leave the forest below Mount Olympus.
  • We must find an island where we can call home.
  • No! But this is our home!
  • The gods say for you to leave! They don't like you living underneath them!
  • Not anymore.
  • This island is beautiful.
  • Ya. And no one is here, I think.
  • This is my home.
  • I will not hold back the fight, I warned you!
  • Get out you dryads!
  • Never mess with the two of us again!
  • Uh oh...
  • You girls make me so proud. You solved two big problems the dryads had.
  • Oh mom!