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Updated: 11/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Yeah it was pretty ugly I guess
  • omg! Did you see Amalia today? That outfit was hideous right Charlotte? She's so ugly
  • Um gigi what are you doing?
  • messaging her online of course. Literally no one likes her and she needs to know that
  • 1 new message
  • hmm I wonder who messaged me..
  • from: gigi.27
  • u r so ugly! omg literally no one likes u. do everyone a favor and kys
  • why would someone say this about me?
  • hey gigi why would you do that? she doesn't deserve any of that!! I think I'm gonna go over to Amalias I dont want to be friends with a bully
  • ugh fine whatever I don't want you here anyways
  • Hey I'm so sorry for what Gigi did! Don't listen to her, she is just insecure and what she says about isn't true
  • Thanks so much for being here for me and speaking up! It really means a lot!
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