Adventure Day

Updated: 10/15/2020
Adventure Day

Storyboard Description

A girl wants to travel in the woods but she forgets to bring food. After that, she found a fruit tree. An hour later, the day was getting darker, she wanted to find a good place. Lately, she is enjoying the night sky full of stars.

Storyboard Text

  • Sarah happy with her day
  • Yes!Today I going to adventure in the jungle.
  • Sarah forgot bring some food
  • Oh no! I forgot to bring some food
  • Keep calm.Lets find some food.
  • A trees a lots with fruit
  • Woah! Fruits!
  • One day,a girl named Sarah wants to has an adventure day in the forest.
  • The day is getting darker
  • It's almost night. Let's find a good place to set up a tent and to light a fire
  • Suddenly,she was hungry and then she checked the bag.Unfortunately,she forgot to bring some food.She tried to stay calm and find food around the forest.
  • A task
  • An hour later,she found a trees with lots of fruit
  • The sky full of stars
  • After successfully collecting fruits,she decide to find a good place to set up a tent and light a fire as the day got darker
  • A few hours later,she finished her task
  • Finally! I am done.
  • After that,she sat front of her tent and looked up at the sky and enjoy the sky full of stars
  • woah! Nature is so beautiful even at night.