Easter Bunny Court Case
Updated: 3/31/2020
Easter Bunny Court Case
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  • 1. Jury is told what their job is.
  • Everyone look at the case were jurying for
  • Case-----------------Easter Bunny steals $1,000 worth of Plastic Eggs from Party City
  • 2. Presenting Open Statements
  • Easter Bunny
  • Members of the Jury the easter Bunny is Guilty because who else would steal something like plastic eggs
  • 3. Presenting Evidence
  • I'm a regular party city worker and before my shift ended the easter bunny asked me where are the plastic eggs and after the alarm to ring and I saw him running away with a huge full bag
  • The Prosecution Team may present there evidence
  • In this scene the man who works at the court is informing the jury for the case what case they are jurying for.
  • 4. Closing Statements
  • At the End of the Day all of our evidence from the crime scene points to him.
  • The Prosecution Team is stating why the Easter Bunny is Guilt of the Robbing of $1000 Worth of Plastic Eggs at Party City.
  • 5. Jury deliberates
  • So... It's Agreed he is....
  • Is The Easter Bunny Not Guilty or Guilty?
  • Party City
  • In this scene the Prosecution Team is showing evidence which is a party city employee that saw the Easter run away when an Alarm sounded. What will happen to the Easter Bunny????
  • 6. Jury gives their Verdict (decision)
  • The Easter Bunny is Guilty!
  • After both teams gave their opening statements and presented their evidence then they finally close the case by stated there closing statements.
  • In the 5th Scene you can see that the Jury is discussing if the Easter Bunny is Innocent or Guilty for it's actions.
  • I have to use the bathroom can we hurry this up
  • In the final scene you can see the jury telling the judge their decision for the case. Looks like Party City won the case over the Easter Bunny. But, what's this the Easter Bunny Escaped! To be Continued!
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