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The Outsiders Story Board | By Love Deep Singh
Updated: 3/14/2020
The Outsiders Story Board | By Love Deep Singh
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  • Exposition | Greasers & Socs
  • Need a haircut greaser!?
  • Rising Action | Jhonny Kills A Soc
  • Rising Action | Church Burns Down
  • In the beginning of the Novel Ponyboy, the main character gets jumped by their rival gang the Socs On his way home from the movie theater, luckily his fellow gang members come to save him. Ponyboy lives in a bad neighborhood with many crimes that occur. After their parents die they became orphans and struggled to be safe together in their low class neighborhood. The setting affects the main character because he isn't taught from right to wrong and takes bad approaches towards things. Since his father and mothers are not there he doesn’t know what to do and they are in a bad environment so they are used to violence. On page 58 it states “I heaved a sigh. Why hadn’t I thought of that?But I never thought of anything. Dallas Winston would do anything.” This shows Ponyboy thinks that it is a good idea to take the gun, and not take a peaceful approach. Instead their minds are flooded with negative ideas and not the correct ones. This is all because of what environment they are in.
  • Climax | Jhonny Dies
  • Johnny is not dead! He cant be, I don't believe it!
  • During the rising action of the novel Johnny and Ponyboy come across some Socs, unfortunately for them, they had no intention of being friendly. Johnny and Ponyboy knew they were in a predicament and tried to bluff their way out of there but it didn't work. The Socs started drowning Ponyboy and while he was struggling Johnny had his own fight he had killed Bob because he did not want to be hurt. The reason he attacked with the pocket-knife was that he was jumped before and was scared it would happen again.
  • Falling Action | Greasers Defeat The Socs
  • After Johnny killed Bob, Ponyboy and Johnny were afraid that they would get in trouble with the police so they ran away, asked Dally for help and received a gun and money. They ran to an old church and stayed there to hide from the police. Later they left but heard sirens and the church was on fire with children in it. Ponyboy thought it was his fault because he had a smoke but might not have put it out correctly causing the fire. Ponyboy and Johnny were quick to act and climbed inside the church and saved the children, Dally soon came and was a big help also.
  • Resolution | Ponyboy Writes A Letter
  • After the fire Johnny is seriously injured with a broken back and third degree burns, soon Johnny dies , this breaks the hearts of all of the greasers especially Ponyboy's, the main characters. They knew soon after this the rumble was going to happen it was set for 7pm. they used this as a hardship to overcome and to win for Johnny. Everyone used it as strength and another reason to win the rumble. In chapter 9, Johnny says "Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold..." The pillow seemed to sink a little, and Johnny died." This was a reference to a poem they read while at the church. Signifying for Ponyboy to become good and make good choices like he did saving children at the burning church. But Ponyboy is already changing ,he is not innocent any longer having witnessed a few deaths , Ponyboy is changing.
  • Ponyboy starts getting ready for the rumble but he was not feeling very well, so he took 5 aspirins thinking he will last through the rumble. Eventually the greasers win but are hurt, Ponyboy ends up in the hospital for shock, exhaustion and a minor concussion. The Socs ran away meaning the Greasers rain victorious and prove that they will not always lose to the Socs. This is a big moment in the book because they finally beat the Socs and things are turning for the better. Especially because later he wins the court case.
  • Ponyboy finally learned his lesson he stopped being selfish. He found out how upset he made Sodapop when he fought with Darry. Soda couldn't pick sides and that frustrated him, when Ponyboy and Darry heard this they instantly decided they would not fight anymore for their brother and to be better. Anyways Ponyboy wanted to change because he did not want to be recognized as a violent person. Ponyboy had low grades when he came back from the hospital, so after he settled things with his brother he decided to write a paper about his life, not only to get his grades higher but to express himself. In the past Ponyboy was a gang member, but he decided that personality was not worth the hardships so with the talk with his brothers he changed and became a new man. In chapter 12, Soda says "Soda shrugged. "I don't know. It's just... I can't stand to hear y'all fight.Sometimes... I just have to get out or... it's like I'm the middleman in a tug o' war and I'mbeing split in half. You dig?" This shows Soda explaining to his siblings that it puts a lot of stress on him when they argue so much. Ponyboy then realizes his mistake and wants to make everything fair for him and his brother and makes the right choices like getting back to work with his studies.
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