Water Comic 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
Water Comic 2

Storyboard Text

  • Drip found himself in the dark all alone without his friends. He was scared, but soon figured out that he was in an animal's body! This animal's name was Aminal. They became friendly with each other, but they weren't great friends. Drip soon found himself moving around inside of this animal. Minutes later, he was excreted from Aminal! Excrete means when an animal expels waste products. Drip was free but had no friends with him, he was still determined to find them.
  • Hi Drip, I'm sorry, I was very thirsty. My name is Aminal and I hope that you can forgive me.
  • Why is it so dark? If anyone can hear me, I'm Drip and I'm lost.
  • When Drip was excreted, he had soaked into the soil to make it replenished and fresh again. He had been looking for his friends but had no luck. Drip was a little queasy, and one day later, he had been absorbed by plants, which also means he had basically become part of the plant.
  • It is fairly nice to have time to think and be alone, but I miss my friends.
  • Drip was still alone. He had gotten sadder the longer he was away from his friends. He had learned many things about the world that he didn't pay attention to when he was with his friends. One day, he saw an animal. That animal came up to him, and grazed on him! He passed out from the thought of that, and he saw that he was once again inside of an animal!
  • I'm all alone. Where did my friends go?
  • This time, Drip had spent an entire week inside this animal's body! The animal's name was Animel, and they become friends, but they weren't very close friends. After the week passed, he noticed that Animel was taking a deep breath. Drip was moving very fast, and came out with the breath, he had turned into a gas once again! This means that he had evaporated.
  • Hello. Who told you about me?
  • Hi Drip! I have heard a lot about you from other animals!
  • Drip recognized what was happening to him. He floated up to the sky, the temperature dropped, and he had turned from a gas to a liquid. This was once again, the process of condensation. Drip was in a cloud all alone. All of a sudden, Drip recognized someone's voice...
  • Conden! I have missed you so much!
  • Drip! It's me, Conden!
  • Drip had become heavy and he fell from the sky as rain once again, in the process of precipitation. When he landed in the ocean by the Netherlands, he met a new friend named Osheane. After that, Drip saw all of his friends! Then, they were reunited and lived happily ever after.
  • I missed you all so much!
  • We missed you more!
  • Hi Drip! I am still here!