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That's funny theory science project
Updated: 9/8/2020
That's funny theory science project
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  • Don't worry! I 'll walk you through the evolution of atomic theory!
  • I don't understand a thing about atomic theory! And I have a test on Wednesday too! What am I going to do!
  • Let's start with John Dalton!
  • Yes, I can't wait to learn about all the changes of the atom model!
  • My name is John Dalton. I discovered that all matter is made up of atoms, and that all atoms of the same element are identical. I also said that atoms cannot be created, divided, or destroyed. This is my model of an atom.
  • My name is J.J. Thomson, and I discovered the electron in 1897, which was the first subatomic particle to be discovered. I said that the atom is a spherical mixture with electrons spread in inside of it. This is my model of an atom.
  • My name is Ernest Rutherford. I was the first to suggest a nucleus, which lied in the center surrounded by moving electrons. I also discovered the + charged particles called protons. This is my model of an atom.
  • Hello! My name is Niels Bohr! In my model of an atom, the electrons move around the nucleus in a circular motion. My model also helped scientists predict the chemical properties of elements. This is my model.
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