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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/3/2018
Unknown Story
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  • You must do the deed.
  • ' "Your newborn son will be the downfall of Troy," '
  • Agelaus
  • ' "He must be killed to save our people." '
  • I must raise him as my own son
  • Agelaus brought Paris to the mountaintop and realized he cannot just leave him there so makes the decision to leave him there for one night. The next morning Paris is still alive Agelaus sees this as a sign and chooses to raise him as his own.
  • Paris grows up to be a handsome and intelligent man loved by women. One day he was offered a challenge for his bull to fight anybody's bull the winner would get a golden crown. Ares the god of war fought his bull and won Paris was fair enough to give him the golden crown, the gods heard this and saw he was honest.
  • Pairs is very fair (said the gods and goddesses)
  • On mount olimypus Zeus was planning a wedding feast for the sea nymph an invited all the gods and goddesses except Eris because she would bring chaos with her. Eris showed up to the feast and had a golden apple that said "for the fairest" Zeus said he will have pairs choose the fairest person godess.
  • I will have Pairs choose
  • The goddesses started offering bribes to Paris so he could choose them. '"I can make you king of Europe and Asia," Hera said. " ', '"I will give you wisdom, and I shall make you the finest warrior who ever lived." ' said Athena, '"I offer you the most enticing gift of all. I offer you love. Helen of Sparta" ' said Aphrodite. Pairs wanted Helena's love so he choose Aphrodite as the fairest.
  • Aphrodite you are the fairest!
  • Yes!
  • She will come back to Sparta
  • King Menelaus discovered Helina was gone her former suitors vowed that they would do anything to get her back to Sparta the land of troy was destroyed because of this. All because zeus did not invite Eris the trojan war started. The end.
  • We will do anything for her!
  • Oops we kinda destroyed all of Sparta...
  • Oh no!
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