battle of washita
Updated: 5/8/2020
battle of washita

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  • psst.. hey jack can you tell me about the story again? last time i swear!
  • Jack and Jason are taking a quiz on the battle of the Washita
  • fine but you better stay awake this time.
  • Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer attacked a peaceful village housing many men, woman and children and the tribes leader Black Kettle
  • before custer attacked the village he sent no recon mission or try to identify the village
  • many cheyenne native Americans were killed but few made it to the trees to fight back
  • while Black Kettle was escaping with his wife on horse back they both were shot and killed by the Washita river
  • z z z z
  • oh come on!
  • this battle was hailed as an American victory and it also persuaded many tribes to stay on the reservations