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Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • The Geography of Mesoamerica
  • Olmec Culture
  • Daily life and legacy of Olmec
  • The mesoamerica rejion is divided onto two one in highland one in the lowlands.If traveled top the highlands to low land you would experince a lot of different climate changes. In the high lands, you would get diffrent crops and food compared to the lowlands. They used a tequniq called slash and burn to help grow more crops. The cut down trees then ferdilized the clear land with ash next they burned all the fallen trees next they migrated to diffrent land after the land is not productive.
  • The Zapotec and Monte Alban
  • The olmec emerged to the floodplains because of all the good soil and crops. Olmec has good achetecture and art.I know this because they left behind tall head that are
  • Maya Society
  • The Olmec people had classes a high and lower class and the lower classes have not as many privileges and goods. The Olmec had trade routes and religouis practises.
  • Classic Period
  • The Zapote started there society in Oaxes were there is a large valley were three smaller valleys meet. The developed there because there is great soil crops, water, and climate
  • The Maya developed in southern Mexico in the lowlands in the north and the highland s in the south. There were lots of crops because the lowlands would make a certain kind of crop and the highlands would make different kinds of crops. The had a similar class system as feudalism.
  • The Maya bilt tall pyramids and between two of them the would play a game where they had to hit the hard solid ball into a circle thats called the ring.
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