Updated: 2/24/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Assignment Day
  • WHY!? JUST WHY!? did I have to get pipeworks!!!
  • The Instructions
  • How did you get up here!!??
  • Wow what a crowd!!
  • In this scene Lina and Doon are randomly assigned age 12. Lina gets to pipeworks labour and Doon gets assigned messenger. They don't feel good about the jobs they have drawn so they decide to secretly switch. I chose to include this scene because Doon needs to be able to access the pipeworks to find the locked door which will lead to their escape.
  • Looked Door
  • NO,gasp, wheeze
  • Lina has a message to the mayor because Looper told her that she has to deliver a message to the mayor of Ember!
  • Prediction
  • I really hope there's stuff here!
  • GASP, Granny are you ok??
  • In this scene...Granny gets lung cancer and dies because Ember is running out of everything like light bulbs,pencils,medical supplies,food,just everything. I consider this to be an important event because. Lina and Doon follow the instructions to find a locked door in the pipeworks.
  • I think that at the end of the novel.They might be able to go to a new city and get more supplies for Ember!