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The Veldt Story Board
Updated: 9/29/2020
The Veldt Story Board
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Storyboard Text

  • "Lydia! Oh, my dear poor sweet Lydia!"
  • "Watch out!" screamed Lydia.
  • "They almost got us!"
  • "George!"
  • “We were, for a long while. Now we’re going to really start living. Instead of beinghandled and massaged, we’re going to live.”
  • “Didyou see? Did you feel? It’s too real.”
  • “And lock the nursery for a few days until I get my nerves settled.”
  • “You’ve got to tell Wendy and Peter not to read any more on Africa.”
  • “You know how difficult Peter is about that. When I punished him a month ago bylocking the nursery for even a few hours — the tantrum be threw! And Wendy too.They live for the nursery.”
  • “Now, Lydia...”
  • “Of course — of course.”
  • “The fool room’s out of order. It won’t respond.”
  • “Could be.”
  • “Or Peter’s set it to remain that way.”
  • “Or it can’t respond," "“because the children have thought about Africaand lions and killing so many days that the room’s in a rut.”
  • “We’re considering it.”
  • “I won’t have any threats from my son!”
  • “Will you shut off the house sometime soon?”
  • “I don’t think you’d better consider it any more, Father.”
  • “I wish you were dead!”
  • “Just a moment, just onemoment, just another moment of nursery,”
  • “Oh, they’ll be here directly.”
  • “Where are your father and mother?”
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