Updated: 7/22/2020
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  • Nostalgic Willy
  • "How'd the Chevvy run?"
  • "Chevrolet,Linda, is the greatest car ever built."
  • Excited/Optimistic Willy
  • The "Loman Brother"
  • Guilty Willy
  • "You fake! You phony little fake! You fake!"
  • "She's nothing to me, Biff. I was lonely, I was terribly lonely."
  • In this scene, Willy is reminiscing about the past. He's having flashbacks to when everything was going good for Willy. He feels nostalgic, he wants things to be how they used to be. Back then he was making money and his kids still talked to him.
  • Angry Willy
  • "Don't take his side all the time, goddammit!"
  • For most of the play, Willy is disappointed with Biff for not doing anything with his life. At this moment his sons pitch a sports store idea and Willy loves it. Willy thinks this store can be a hit and his sons can finally make some money. Willy is excited for his sons to start living their dream.
  • Self Doubting Willy
  • "That is a one-million-dollar idea!"
  • "I'm fat. I'm very -- foolish to look at, Linda."
  • Here Willy is having another flashback. Willy is caught by Biff having an affair. Willy is feeling very guilty and tries to change the subject hoping Biff won't ask any more questions. This moment changes Biff and Willy's relationship.
  • Confident Willy
  • "Will you ask Howard to let you work in New York?"
  • Willy shows his short temper towards his wife in this scene. The family is just talking when Willy loses it. He feels like his wife keeps interrupting him and starts getting angry at her. Biff then has to break things up.
  • "Stop yelling at her!"
  • Willy is still having a flashback in this scene. His conversation goes from how the people love him in Hartford to why no-one likes him. He starts talking down on himself, he says that he talks too much and doesn't do as well as Charley. He doesn't feel as successful as everyone else.
  • Willy is his is bedroom confident in himself to ask to be moved to New York. The kids are gonna pitch their idea to Oliver and Willy is gonna be moved to New York. Willy is confident because he's worked at his job for many years and even helped name the new CEO, Howard.
  • "First Thing in the morning. Everything will be be all right."
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