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French rev
Updated: 12/18/2019
French rev
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  • Meeting of the Estates General
  • This isn't fair! We are starving!
  • Tax the 3rd Estate
  • Tax the poor more
  • Yeah I could eat
  • Cake please
  • We are in debt any ideas
  • Tennis court oath
  • We will all stick this through
  • we will be know as The National Assembly
  • This is "The Declaration of the Right of Man"
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • We can't let you in!
  • We need weapons, we are being invaded!
  • Give us a fighting chance man!
  • The king summoned all the estates up to Versailles so they could figure out what to do about the financial crisis,They voted in order, 2nd estate voted first then the 1st estate and finally the 3rd, the third estate was out voted to raise taxes on them to solve the debt.This is a shift away from democracy because the 1st and 2nd estate still didn't get taxed and the king and queen still had absolute monarchy
  • The March on Versailles
  • Come back to Paris!
  • Okay I promise to come back
  • After being out voted the 3rd Estate tried to go back into their conference room but it was locked, they then went into an indoor tennis court and made a pledge that they would stay together until there was change writing "The Declaration of the Rights of Man" and declaring themselves the National Assembly. this is a shift towards democracy because they became a group that who be based on equality.
  • The Reign of Terror
  • Off wit your head
  • On July 14,1789 the French citizens noticed that there were foreign troops in France, they stormed a prison they thought would have guns to fend off the troops witch lead to a massacre of the people witch sparked the revolution. This is a shift towards democracy because the people are using their rights to bare arms.
  • The Rise of Napoleon
  • Nope I want more land
  • I shall rule over all of Europe!
  • The women of France were tired of the still rising bread prices. One day they were so upset about the price of bread that they deiced to march to the Palace of Versailles and get their king back . The king promised to move back to the capital of France, Paris, Immediately. This is a move towards democracy because the people were able to bring back their political leader back to walking distance of the people.
  • We want bread
  • After the king was came back to Paris after trying to escape he was quickly put in jail and Robespierre took over. He quickly started to kill anyone he accuse of being sympathetic to the royal family by way of decapitation via the Guillotine. The new Republic Of France was founded on mass murder. This moved France closer to democracy because they were now a republic.
  • I sort of fell bad for the royal family
  • whelp your dead
  • After Napoleon over through the weak Directory he made himself a Emperor after taking the crown from the pope while he was trying to put it on his head. Napoleon was very well like by the French citizens because of his military success, restoring France to great military strength. Napoleon also imposed reforms for religious tolerance and mans rights, but the women's rights were gone.This moved France farther from democracy because they were back to a single man in power.
  • shouldn't we work on the reforms?
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