US Economic System DR
Updated: 2/24/2020
US Economic System DR

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  • This place has a lot of potential and I have always wanted to open a business! How do I know what type of business I can open?
  • Your business is your choice! That's what's great about the US Economy. Business owners can make their businesses however they want and they can decide their own prices also!
  • If I buy this store how do I know what I can and can't do to it since I want to fix it up?
  • Whatever you want to do is your own decision. Since you are buying this property, the government has no control over what you do to it!
  • Now about my business, how do I run it so that I make money?
  • Well, you have to make a profit! You want to set your prices higher than the price it costs to make them. Just be careful that your prices are reasonable and meet the demand. The best part is that you get to decide the prices!
  • My last concern about opening my business is, how do I bring in new customers?
  • In order to bring in new customers, you need to focus on competition. In this part of town clothing stores are not too common, therefore you do not have much competition to worry about. You need to offer good deals to your customers so that they will choose to shop at your store.
  • Okay! I'm ready to buy it! I can't wait to start my new journey!
  • Congratulations! That's awesome! Best of luck in the business world!
  • Open for business! Come on in!
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