Hero's Journey

Updated: 8/28/2020
Hero's Journey

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  • What's wrong?
  • I got an anonymous letter from who I'm assuming is Paul Donaldson. He's always disliked me because he didn't become King and now he's trying to blame his parents death on me. Now he's lied to Christian about their death and is telling him to use his powers to destroy the seawall that protects the castle and to mess with you. I don't know what Christian's power is or how many he has, but you have to stop him.
  • Thank you so much for the food! I've had a LONG day.
  • How am I supposed to go against someone with powers?!Well I guess I have no choice. Let's go Hadley!
  • You don't even know where I'm going. Thank you for trying to help though.
  • She must be one of the deceiving fairies
  • Oh sir, you're going the wrong way!
  • She's definitely a witch. That drink must've had something in it.
  • Sorry, but I'm already quite full. I wouldn't feel so good riding Hadley on a bumpy trail with a full stomach.
  • Oh...well off you go. Goodbye.
  • You're welcome prince. You should really try the drink though. It's delicious.
  • Thank you Glaukopis. Please let Athena know I appreciate her and her words of wisdom.
  • Who are you?
  • Protected? I've been tested multiple times today.
  • Hello Daniel
  • I am Glaukopis, goddess Athena's owl. She sent me to let you know you are protected.
  • Yes, but the fairy didn't call thousands of her fairy friends to stop you like she does with everyone else. And how do you think you beat 3 satyrs with a cheap sword, and how did you know the drink wasn't pure? It was the wise goddess who protected you. Continue your journey and don't give up.