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Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction was wrong because it started the civil war.
  • reconstruction also ended the civil war
  • Black Codes
  • Black codes were taken away because freedmen was using these type of codes to let the blacks know about freedom. They locked up freedmen and punished the slaves.
  • Radical Reconstruction
  • There was a lot of racial Reconstruction during slavery because of there race a lot of whites felt some type of way because of the amendments.
  • The reconstruction plan was all about freeing the slaves and it also had amendments which were laws they had to follow.
  • White League & KKK
  • The white league are carpet bagers who steal from the south and the KKK are a team who the white league trusted
  • Black codes was away freedmen will talk to the slaves about freedom and freedmen got locked up for using black codes.
  • Freedmen's Bureau
  • The freedmen's bureau was helping poor and sick children and adults get well again until one day the formal slaves tried to lock up freedman because of this such of behavior
  • Whites didn't agree with the amendments because of there race. Whites made laws so blacks can't vote.
  • Compromise of 1877
  • The comprise act was an act that whites made because they thought it wasn't a good idea that blacks should be able to vote
  • No Blacks Should Be Able To Vote
  • The white league was known as carpetbagger because they carried lots of objects in cheap carpet and the KKK was the bad people that the white league trusted .
  • The freedmen's bureau was when they helped poor and sick people and children get well again. The formal slaves didn't want the freedmen's bureau and wanted to lock up freedmen
  • The compromise of 1877 effected the united states after the reconstruction was over because it was an act where the whites didn't want the blacks to vote because of there racr son they did the comprise act so that blacks wouldn't be able to vote anymore.
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