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Updated: 12/17/2019
Trig Projct
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  • Once Upon a Time in the fields of Tik Tok there a beautiful princess named Emily. One day she was looking for a handsome prince to make Tik Toks with her so she decided to go everywhere.
  • First Princess Emily looked in the Ice Cream parlor were Hudson Roberts was making one of his iconic laughing videos. Emily wants to know how tall is he from a 45° angle with a hypotenuse of 12 feet
  • He's a little to tall for me. Not fit for a Tik Tok prince.
  • sin= opposite/ hypotenusesin(45)=opposite/12(sin45)(12)=xx=8.49 feet
  • Then Princess Emily went to the Carnival were Ondreaz Lopez was laying down about to start dancing. Emily wants to know how tall is he from a 60° angle with an opposite side of 3 feet.
  • He's a little to short for me. Not fit for a Tik Tok prince.
  • tan-1=adjacent/oppositetan-1(60)=adjacent/3(sin60)(3)=xx=4.66 feet
  • Finally Princess Emily went to a nearby castle were Mark Anastasio was doing Tik Tok dances. He was 6 feet tall and had a hypotenuse of 10. What angle was Emily looking at him with?
  • He's is the perfect height for me. A great fit for a Tik Tok prince.
  • cos(x)=adjacent/hypotenusecos(x)=6/8x=cos-1(.75)x=41.41°
  • After all this trouble of finding the perfect man based on his height I finally found my perfect Prince. Mark and I will happily ever after making tik toks forever.
  • I love you. I will make you my bride.
  • I love you too.
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