Updated: 2/8/2020

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  • What does it mean?
  • But I'm not tough at all.
  • I think it means he respects you.
  • You bet.
  • Thanks for the ride.
  • Yeah.
  • That was a cool bike. Vintage.
  • All right, then, I'll see you around.
  • Junior told his grandma about his fight with Roger and asked her for advice. She explained that boys are like packs of wild dogs. Junior, "new dog", punched Roger, who is like the alpha dog, in the face so Roger and the school "pack" respect him now.
  • Oh that's right, You're the boy who can't figure out his own name.
  • Do I know you?
  • I'm Junior, I mean, I'm Arnold.
  • I am so ashamed.
  • Eugene, who is Junior's dad's best friend, takes Junior to school. He said that it's pretty cool that Junior is going to school with a lot of white people. Eugene also said he could never do it like him. That made Junior feel proud.
  • I love Dawn so much.
  • Roger was actually nice. He paid Junior some respect. He paid respect to Eugene and his bike.
  • Don't tell anybody I cried about Dawn.
  • Junior might have impressed the king, but the queen still hated him. He guesses his grandmother didn't know everything.
  • When Junior was 12, he had a crush on Dawn, an Indian girl but she didn't like him or care about him. At 2 in morning while Rowdy slept over, Junior told him about Dawn.
  • Stop that bawling, okay?
  • Rowdy never told anybody Junior's secrets. He was his secret-keeper.
  • I won't.