Updated: 3/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • GCSE stands for General Certificates of Secondary Education created by a group of British qualifications and as you know you get them by doing exams. GCSE exams come after courses of studying where students are prepared to take on said exams. In various subjects the coursework is also taken into consideration as part of the exam results. GCSEs are very important exams that can have a huge effect on the students' future before college or university.
  • Oh yeah! Now I remember, they explained that in class. What I didn’t understand very well were the requirements to take the exams. I do know that the course you mentioned takes two years to complete and that it is required to take the three core subjects.
  • No I don't
  • Yeah that's some of it. Do you remember those three core subjects?
  • The requirements do involve the study of three core subjects which are english, math, and sciences. Then there are other three additional subjects that are chosen freely by you. Yes, the exams come after two-year courses of study. In many subjects like art, design, music and technology students’ course work is taken into consideration as part of their GCSE results.
  • That's okay let me fill you in on the rest.