Updated: 9/16/2021

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  • Refusal of the Return
  • The Magic Flight
  • Rescue from Without
  • In a split second decision I ran back for him. The Serpientes knew I would do this because they were ready for me with this powder stuff that made me go to sleep. By the time I woke up, it was already night time and I was in a different room which Bob was not in.
  • The Crossing or Return of the Threshold
  • I stayed up all night wondering why we would ever think about doing something to risky. In the morning when the Serpientes came, the only thing they said was that Bob would be paying for both of our actions. I started sprinting towards them only getting past one, I do not know why I did that but it made them see I still had fight left in me even though I did not even make it past the door.
  • I was so stressed out thinking about my brother that I completely forgot that I had pressed the distress signal on the boat. I heard a helicopter then people shouting but could not see anything from the window. Next thing I know police are storming the building and medical are rushing in to help me. Apparently Bob was in bad shape so they thought I would be too but once they saw I was fine they took me to Bob.
  • Bob and I were helicoptered to the hospital where we found out that Mom and Dad were still alive, they were found by a fisherman on a piece of scrap metal from the boat. Later on that day the police told us that the Serpientes were terrorists and were planing on making an attack with the bomb that they were making. What started off as a family vacation, ended up saving many people's lives.