Saving the Rainforest
Updated: 1/13/2020
Saving the Rainforest
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Ecology in the Rainforest is Important

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  • Before Humans
  • Before Humans
  • Start Of Humans
  • start of humans
  • More Humans Found the Rainforest
  • More humans found the rain forest
  • Currently...
  • Before Humans Came nature was normal and animalsinteracted. Ecology was how its supposed to be.
  • Currently
  • 2050
  • When humans started to come animals habitats were barely affected. We lived off nature but didn't killany of the animals environment
  • 2050
  • When more humans found the rainforest we cut down more trees and destroyed habitats. Ecology was changed because animals had to move.
  • Currently we are destroying many habitats and that causes animals to move out of their homes.
  • By 2050, the rainforest will be destroyed and the land will be mostly barren, and the ecosystem will be destroyed
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