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The Most Dangerous Game-Marcello
Updated: 9/28/2020
The Most Dangerous Game-Marcello
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Storyboard Text

  • "Nonsense, This Hot weather is making you soft Whitney"
  • Setting
  • "The old charts call it Ship Trap Island, Rainsford"
  • Dialogue
  • " I'm Sanger Rainsford of New York." "I fell off a yacht, I am hungry."
  • " I'm Sanger Rainsford of New York." "I fell off a yacht, I am hungry."
  • " I welcome u Mr. Rainsford the hunter, I've read your books, I am General Zaroff."
  • No animal can reason..."Hunting isn't going to make me a cold blooded murder. Thank you, I'm a hunter not a murder."
  • Characterization
  • "I wanted the ideal animal to hunt especially one that can reason"
  • It begins on a boat filled with hunters out to find a island to hunt on. The crew and Whitney are nervous about going by "Ship Trap Island". Rainsford pays no mind to their worries and welcomes trouble.
  • Conflict
  • " I wish to leave this island at once"
  • "You will find this game worth playing, your brain against mines"
  • Rainsford fell off the boat and swam to the island "Ship Trap Island" where he heard gunshots and found the house. It is dark and smog outside, Rainsford is hungry and tired. Rainsford explains his situation to Zaroff and welcomes him in happily.
  • Irony
  • I will not lose my nerve.
  • "Rainsford if your in the sound of my voice which I suppose you are I want to congratulate u."
  • General Zaroff was explaining the game he played to him. Once Rainsford realized he was hunting humans he wanted nothing to do with it and wanted to leave the island.
  • Theme
  • " I am still a beast at bay get ready Zaroff."
  • "Rainsford I congratulate u splendid!"
  • Rainsford wakes up and proceeds to tell Zaroff he whishes to leave the island imminently. Zaroff forces to play the game in order to leave.
  • Rainsford is a known hunter and the irony is that he is the one being hunted now. He was almost caught but was spared for a day.
  • The theme is not to go to suspicious places. After Rainsford won he wanted to continue playing and takeover the island.
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