Updated: 2/19/2021

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  • Seeking to expand
  • New Colonies
  • New Trade
  • At this time, a country's power depended upon how much gold they had, so they were always trying to get as much of it as possible through MERCANTILISM, sometimes this meant expanding to new places
  • Additional Labor is Needed
  • Countries tried expanding their influence because of mercantilism, some countries created COLONIES in order to exploit the resources of foreign places, in order to make more profit.
  • Slaves are Brought in
  • Due to this,trade routes started popping up all over the atlantic, most notably the TRIANGULAR TRADE ROUTE, which was the result of exchanging goods between Europe, Africa, and the Americas
  • Economic Growth
  • One of the major "commodities" that was traded along this route was SLAVES, many things in the Americas required extensive labor, so many slaves were brought in to do the hard work
  • These slaves were transported across the Atlantic packed tight in cramped ships under horrible conditions, in what came to be known as THE MIDDLE PASSAGE, many died along the way
  • Once the slaves arrived they were put to work under brutal conditions for the remainder of their lives, and while it was bad for them, their efforts sustained massive ECONOMIC growth.