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Updated: 9/21/2020
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  • Hi, welcome to Ancient Rome. I will be your tour guide and I will be talking about our religion.
  • Us Romans, believed in many different gods, this was long before we believed in Christ. Since we believed in different gods, this made our religion polytheistic.
  • Behind me is one of the many temples we use for worshiping our gods. Temples were used as places of celebrations, places of prayer, worship, etc. To us, this is the equivalent to a modern day church.
  • Here, the tour guide is in Roman clothing and is introducing himself to the audience/viewers.
  • Among these stars, there are planets. Some planets, if not all, are named after the roman gods. This is because they were found and named before the invention of a telescope.
  • In this panel, the tour guide is describing the ancient Roman religion. The ancient Roman religion, consists of different gods and goddesses. When a religion had several gods, it is considered as a 'polytheistic' religion.
  • Until present day, we use the name of Roman gods and goddesses for our planets in our solar system. For example, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, etc.
  • Here, the tour guide is showing the place where they celebrate, pray, and worship their gods and goddesses. To them this is like a modern day church.
  • Until this day, we still use 'temples' or places where we gather to worship our God, for us Christians, we use churches.
  • In this panel, the tour guide is telling us that the planets were named after the Roman gods and goddesses. For example, Mercury, is the god of speed, this is also the planet's name due to it having the fastest orbit around the sun.
  • Here, an astronaut, is telling us that we still use the names of Roman gods and goddesses for the planets in our solar system. This is one of the lasting contributions of ancient Rome.
  • Here, this man or second tour guide, tells us that the roman temples, their place of worship, has paved the way for churches, our place of worship. This another one of the many contributions of ancient Rome.
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