Launcelot and Elaine
Updated: 7/17/2020
Launcelot and Elaine
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  • (insert feast.jpg here)
  • The knight who shall sit at the Siege Perelous will be conceived this year.
  • Oh Guinivere!
  • I mean it's pronounced Elaine but what I'm doing isn't okay so I'll let it slide.
  • Wow he really fell for it again, go me.
  • Ohh Guinivere!
  • HOP
  • A hermit enters King Arthur's court and tells of the boy that will one day sit at Siege Perelous, and that he would be conceived that year.
  • (almost) TWO YEARS (of madness) LATER...
  • Your reason has been restored!
  • Yes, but who knows of my madness?!
  • King Pelles' daughter and him hear of the prophecy, and know that it is her child with Launcelot that will be this great knight. Knowing Sir Launcelot loved only Queen Guinevere, they used magic to make Elaine appear as the queen in order to fulfill the prophecy.
  • Brother, tell me why!
  • On second thought let us not go to Camelot, tis' a silly place.
  • Later, at King Arthur's return feast, Elaine deceived Sir Launcelot a second time with the same tactic, for she wished only to be with him. At this realization, Launcelot's sanity broke and he jumped through the window.
  • For the love of Jesu!
  • After two years of adventures with Sir Launcelot's sanity coming and going, it is finally restored in the city of Corbyn where Elaine finds him, and brings him to a holy man who through the power of the Holy Grail restores Sir Launcelot to his former self.
  • After Launcelot had been living in the city of Corbyn with Elaine for a while, Sir Percival and Sir Ector find him. Sir Ector, Launcelot's brother, asks him why he does not want to go back to Camelot. He then finally convinces him to come home.
  • (Actually just a big fan of The Backstreet Boys)
  • (Actually just a big fan of Monty Python and ashamed of his past actions or whatever)
  • Sir Launcelot is met with all the kindness in the kingdom, and they rejoice in his return. King Arthur does not suspect his queen to be the one that truly sent Sir Launcelot mad, but rather Elaine.
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