chapter 8 Capibaras
Updated: 2/23/2021
chapter 8 Capibaras

Storyboard Text

  • Carlos and the monkey run throught the junge. Carlos runs very fast because of his boots
  • Jumps!
  • the monkey sees the andaconda and yells jump. Carlos jumps very well because of his special boots.
  • the cougar sees the andaconda and jumps but he does not see the tree. now the cougar can no longer run. Carlos and the monkey run away.
  • BOOM!!
  • the andaconda attackts the cougar because he can no longer run
  • Carlos and the monkey escape
  • Yes, very special!
  • Fantastic! you have special boots!
  • Carlos gets nervous because his mom is not in the jungle. Carlos exclaim's this and they start running towards the lake
  • My mom cant escape. she doesn't have the special boots!