broken blade by warren tilleskjor hr 2.
Updated: 3/4/2020
broken blade by warren tilleskjor hr 2.

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre is going to become a voyager. He is leaving his family behind and his dad cant come cause he cut his thumb. He finds a freind of his father named Charbonneau who helps him get in. He works with La Londe who calls him grandpa.
  • last night the krew was doing the kettle dance where they dressed in moccasins and danced. Pierre has been paddleing for a while he has blisters and scars all over his hands. so la londe puts doeskin on his paddle.I wish I was at home going for sliegh rides but life as a voyager is getting better
  • Our first rapids we are going to run them but i am kind of nervous. We had to paddle fast enough to keep control. The bow jutted into the air and landed by a foamy boulder the canoe was stuck. La Londe saved the rest of the canoe by pushing the canoe away from the rock but got sucked underwater.they seached for an hour.
  • we had to stop on an island cause of all the waves we had to stay for 2 days. there was a terrible fight bellegarde hit beliot with a ladle beliot hit bellegarde then once beliot beat bellegarde la petiet draged off beliot but beliot hit la peteit.
  • When we got to grand portage there was barely anyone there.We here going to the Indian camp when Mukwa hugged Charbonnea he invited us to a feast.Later we went back to grand portage and there where so many people. when we went inside we there was dancing and a feast.