Comic Strip - Rosalind Franklin and DNA

Updated: 10/8/2021
Comic Strip - Rosalind Franklin and DNA

Storyboard Text

  • I am very happy to meet my friend Watson here today at the awards ceremony
  • Thank you all for joining us!
  • So am I, Crick. We are very proud to have done great research and created the first correct model of the structure of DNA, which brought us to win a Nobel Prize, and without the help of each other, we would not have achieved this.
  • As you can see, recognition of my work was practically snatched away. It is rare that my name is mentioned when talking about this discovery.
  • I hope to have inspired and continue to inspire women with great intelligence; I am happy to have been able to be part of those who stood up for themselves when we were judged for being women. Thank you for reading my story!
  • I died at the age of 37 from cancer, and I didn't know to what extent Crick and Watson depended on my research. In 1962, they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their research on the DNA molecule.
  • Someday...
  • Hi, Rosalind, I'm Jim Watson, I also study DNA structure and I can see that your work is not the best, it lacks some details.
  • I was just saying my opinion
  • Hmm, yes, I know who you are. I'm doing a good job and don't need feedback. Women can do a good job too
  • Tell me how to do my job as a woman, it's not an opinion, Watson.
  • After a few months...
  • Hi, I'm Carol Hudes, from the BBC News. Today I am here with Jenifer Glyn, sister of the renowned Rosalind Franklin.
  • That's right, Carol, thank you very much for inviting me, it is important to talk about this issue.
  • We are here to talk about Rosalind's experience of her stay at the University
  • So, tell us, what has she told you about her experience?
  • It has been very hard, we are more aware of her unhappiness than her work, she is denied access and rest because she is a woman...
  • I have information from Franklin's research, and it would be very useful for us to advance our work. She really did a good job, and you could tell Francis too
  • I could see the quality when I went to the University, so, I think it could help Francis Crick and me to conclude the research.