Julius Caesar Act III-
Updated: 5/28/2019
Julius Caesar  Act III-

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  • Please let him back in.
  • No, I'm not letting your homie back in this hood!
  • Bru, please let my brother back into Rome.
  • Sweet, we killed him!
  • Alright, now lets tell everyone that they are liberated.
  • Caesar was my homie, but i'm not mad that you killed him.
  • Also, can I speak at his funeral?
  • Alright, cool.
  • Sure
  • T[hose men are TRAITORS!!! They deserve to die!!!
  • Now I don't mean to try to disprove these guys' reason for killing Caesar, but ... they were wrong and murdered him in cold blood.
  • We'll make them pay! We'll burn down their homes!! We'll kill them all!!!
  • We gotta get out of here!
  • We'll give you one last chance to surrender.
  • Then you'll die on the battlefield.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Like we'd ever surrender to you.
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