The Odyssey Alex A. Quiroz period 4
Updated: 1/4/2021
The Odyssey Alex A. Quiroz period 4

Storyboard Description

Somewhat of a comic book strip that details the many moments in the Odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • forced into war
  • trojen horse
  • Only the beginning
  • In this scene, Odysseus is trying to prove to the Roman soldiers that he is insane and won't be of use in the trojan war. Odysseus does this by plowing sand into his fields
  • The cyclops pt 1
  • i demand food and drink
  • In this scene, Odysseus is pulling off his plan to end the trogen war once and for all. Odysseus is planning to grab his men and get inside the horse to ambush all the unsuspecting soldiers.
  • The cyclops pt 2
  • the war is over the Odyssey has only begone Odysseus must now make the rigorous journey home not knowing what has become of his family or home in the ten years he was gone
  • The final fight
  • In this scene, Odysseus and his men are meeting the cyclops in his cave and demanding food and drink after having already eaten his food beforehand
  • Odysseus is trapped in the cave with the cyclops. Odysseus prays to Athena to give him wisdom and find a way to get out of the cave alive so he crafts a log into a sharp point and stabbed the cyclops in the eye then he makes his escape
  • Odysseus wins his wife's test and proceeds to kill all of the sutures for her
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