Digital Life Comic
Updated: 3/4/2021
Digital Life Comic

Storyboard Description

Morgan get cyberbullied by her brother, Toby, and her friend Abby is a bystander. And Will is there too. :D

Storyboard Text

  • Morgan was casually scrolling through Discord when she saw some messages by her brother, Toby, about her. Let's just say they weren't very nice...
  • He's being so mean! I kind of expected this though...
  • Meanwhile, Toby was in his room, cyberbullying Morgan with his friend Will, who was watching and being a bystander.
  • MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!I just love being mean to my sister for no reason!
  • I'm so confused...and scared
  • Morgan frantically called out to her friends, she needed someone to be an upstander and defend her honor.
  • Luckily for Morgan, Abby had been yelling at her bird and told the Discord Mods about the situation.
  • HEY! You can't just bully my friend like that! I'm telling the mods!
  • Toby was very mad that Abby foiled his epic honor destroying plans, and he screamed. Luckily Will didn't care.
  • Why am I friends with him again?
  • Morgan was safe from the monster that is her brother, for now. Wait. No. Stop breaking the fourth wall Morgan!
  • What do you mean, 'for now'? I'm not going to be in a sequel!