The GoldFish Man
Updated: 2/17/2021
The GoldFish Man

Storyboard Text

  • The boy walked in on his Lao Lao doing fortunes and he asks what his is Lao Lao replies, " this can't be true it says you will die on your 19 birthday." "What but how my birthday is in a week." ,replies The boy is there any way to fix it?
  • The cousins,aunts,and mom come rushing in! What did you just say!!" asked the mom. "guys Lao Lao just said that I will die on my 19th birthday!" replied The boy. There is one way you can change your fortune." said Lao Lao. "How?!", said the boy and the everyone asked.
  • All you have to do is "first", Lao Lao said, "we must get a bottle of the finest wine and box of sweets."
  • Lao Lao went to the rich magistrate of the town to persuaded him to give her a bottle of his best wine while the aunt and mom are cooking in the kitchen back at home.
  • "Thank you guys so much now Lao Lao what do I have to do to change my fortune?", Asked the boy. All you have to do and listen carefully you are going to follow the sun up the mountain and you will see a man with a book all you do is sit next to him and do not say anything unless he talks to you first and just keep walking till you get there.
  • So the boy got there set down the goods and didn't say anything until the old man said, " What are you doing here" the boy replied by telling him his story. Them the old man said nothing but them he started to flip to the boy and he said, " yes it is true you will die when you are 19." said the old man.