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Updated: 3/18/2020
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  • Truman Doctrine
  • Marshall Plan
  • NATO
  • In the March of 1947, Harry Truman passed the Truman Doctrine. The Truman Doctrine caused a lot of controversy as it called for interference in communist affairs. Its purpose was to counter the USSR's expansion and limit their geopolitical expansion.
  • Warsaw Pact
  • The Marshall Plan was passed in 1947 was made to provide aid to countries in need of help after World War II. It provided financial assistance to the suffering countries in Europe. It also made efforts to try to make countries democratic again.
  • Space Race
  • NATO, also known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was created in 1955 with the purpose to counter the USSR's efforts of expansion. It consisted of 12 countries, all of which worked together to defeat their common enemy, the USSR.
  • End Of The Cold War
  • The Warsaw Pact was created in 1955 as a result of NATO being formed. The Warsaw Pact was similar to NATO, as both were made to counter one another. Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and many more were apart of it.
  • The Space Race started in 1957 and lasted until 1975. The race was between the USSR and the U.S. The race resulted in the first man going to the moon, as well as new technologies being developed.
  • The Cold War finally ended in 1989, after more than 20 years of going back and forth. The destruction of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War. East and West Berlin finally united and the "iron curtain" was finally lifted...