Faith Beck- storyboard
Updated: 3/30/2021
Faith Beck- storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • "The Pizza Hut was old, and in the back it had three giant sinks instead of a dishwasher"
  • "cut and serve them on wooden paddles"
  • "The dishes piled up after the dinner rush: plates, silverware, cups and oily black deep-dish pans"
  • Here is Adikson seeing the old building and the three sinks that he will be working at.
  • "brown tubs full of more dirty dishes"
  • This how the pizza hut that Adikson worked at served their pizzas.
  • "making me scrub the Teflon off a cookie sheet, believing that it was grease, while he sat on the couch and smoked cigarettes"
  • Here is an example on the dishes the Adikson would have to wash everyday.
  • "my red-and-white-checkered button-up shirt and gray polyester pants"
  • This brown "tub" is filled with the dishes that Adikson may have had to wash
  • Here is a "cookie sheet" bring scrubbed violently while the man with the cigarette watches.
  • Roughly was he would have looked like in his uniform for work.