Defense Mechanisms

Updated: 3/8/2021
Defense Mechanisms

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  • Andy Li - 5 Freud defense mechanismsAP Pysch
  • Joe is very angry at his parents, but rather than shouting at them, he works out to vent that anger off. This is sublimation as Joe is able to displace his negative emotions into constructive activities.
  • Sublimation
  • Projection
  • John, on the right, recently got a failing grade on a test, but refuses to go to tutorials as he thinks he understands the material fine. John is in denial as he refuses to admit his weaknesses in a particular subject when they are clearly evident.
  • Displacement
  • Denial
  • I understand the material! I don't need tutorials!
  • Mary recently got a bad grade on a test, but reasons that it is because the teacher didn't teach her well, rather than her poor studying habits. This is rationalization as she tries to explain a reason for her failure without pinpointing herself.
  • Rationalization
  • My teacher didn't teach me!
  • Everyone else must have done bad too
  • Jessica, who got a bad grade on a recent test, reasons that other people did badly too, so her grade isn't so bad in comparison. This is projection since she is pushing her poor performance onto other people.
  • John, on the left, had a rough day at work seems to be constantly on edge while hanging out with friends: He gets annoyed easily by any small things that his friends do. He is displacing his feelings of anger and annoyance from work onto his friends.