USH - Cold War
Updated: 3/12/2020
USH - Cold War

Storyboard Text

  • Let's learn about the Yalta and Postdam Conferences!
  • First, it started with the Yalta Conference. The countries involved were England, USA, and USSR.
  • Churchill
  • Roosevelt
  • Stalin
  • During this conference, the countries involved decided to create NATO to help solve the current issues. They also decided to divide Germany into 4 parts.
  • After the Yalta Conference was the Postdam Conference. Churchill was replaced by Attlee and Roosevelt was replaced by Truman.
  • Attlee
  • Truman
  • Stalin
  • The leaders decided the specific zones that Germany would be divided into. They decided to divide Berlin into four zones as well.
  • Eventually, these zones led to the Iron Curtain, which "split" communist and capitalist countries. Even though in most parts it wasn't a physical curtain that separated the countries, it still caused a divided world.