Updated: 3/13/2020

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  • Fredrick was born in to slavery around 1818. And it was thought that the slave owner was his father since he would rape his slaves.
  • His mother was sent away to another field but she came to see him a couple times in his life before she passed
  • When he was about 8 the wife of his said father tought him how to read even though it was not allowed.
  • As Fredrick grew up he didn't get any more lesions since the wife was told she couldn't teach him. But he kept trying to learn by finding books to read and so on
  • Since Fredrick was so set on learning his owner said he was a big trouble maker and decided to send him away.
  • Fredrick was beat every day. The guy he was sent to was known for breacking down ¨troubled¨ slaves. After this Fredrick tried to run away many times till he found his first wife. With her he learned to love and do what he couldnt. He learned to write, with this he has writen great books.