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Coffee Bean : The Origin
Updated: 9/25/2020
Coffee Bean : The Origin
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  • Coffee Bean : The Origin
  • I originate from the highlands of Ethiopia, East Africa.
  • Legend says I was originally used by a shepherd named Kaldi. He used me after seeing the effects of caffeine in me on a goat. He made a drink out of me and discovered it kept him alert for longer periods of time.
  • I ate what the goat ate, I am awake and alert Longer!
  • I eventually came to Arabia, where I was first roasted and brewed, similar to how it is done today.
  • As word spread of me, I started to get traded Eastward to Arabia. By the 15th century, I had reached the rest of the Middle East. Then I spread to other places such as Italy, and from there, Europe got its hands on me. From Europe, I found my way to the Americas.
  • Though coffee houses rapidly began to appear, tea was still the favorite drink , until the year of 1773. Colonists revolted when King George placed a heavy tax on tea. The revolt, known as the “Boston Tea Party,” would forever change the American drinking preference to coffee. (Me)
  • No way, I'll drink coffee instead!
  • As of today, King George has issued higher takes on tea!
  • I became a very common source of agriculture. I was very popular in the form of a dark, caffeinated drink. I became so popular I was the preferred drink of the Americas and became a commodity.
  • This coffee is really good!
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