Protists vs Fungi
Updated: 2/4/2020
Protists vs Fungi
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  • hey I'm fungi and I'm multi cellular and a heterotroph unlike this person over there.
  • whats wrong with being mostly unicellular. Also I can be either a heterotroph or a autotroph, so yeah.
  • Well I have a septa!
  • I don't have a septa...
  • so what I'm aerobic, meaning I need oxygen to live.
  • guess what? I can be both aerobic and anaerobic!
  • How can such a lowly protista speak to me that way! At least I can live anywhere!
  • Okay, I only live in aquatic environments, so what?!
  • I can do the same! asexually through spores and sexually mating
  • I can asexually reproduce through binary fission and sexually production of gametes
  • Well at least I have guaranteed cell wall made by chitin!
  • WAHHH!! I can either have a cell wall or none at all..
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