Building a Healthy Relationship
Updated: 5/23/2020
Building a Healthy Relationship

Storyboard Description

Danielle and Jamie love each other very much. However, they realize they have an unhealthy relationship with not enough boundaries. They decide to work together and make adjustments in order to have a healthy relationship.

Storyboard Text

  • Jamie, where did this couch come from? We cannot afford this!
  • I used some money from our bank account. I cannot return it.
  • Who are all these people you are texting! I have never met them.
  • You went through my text messages? Those are just my work friends.
  • This keeps happening, Jamie! You lied about going to the grocery store.
  • I didn't feel like going. Just order takeout or something.
  • Danielle, our relationship is unhealthy. I love you, but we need to work things out.
  • I agree. This cannot keep going like this. We need to set boundaries and make changes.
  • - Financial: We need to create separate bank accounts and consult each other before making large purchases.-Privacy: We can only check each other's devices with permission and must respect each other's privacy.-Emotional: We need to be more respectful to each other and must stop yelling and lying.
  • Boundaries
  • Jamie and I stuck to the boundaries we made and now we have a healthy relationship!
  • And now we got married!