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Bobby reviews for the test with Mr. Goat
Updated: 9/25/2020
Bobby reviews for the test with Mr. Goat
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  • (( ))
  • Science test tomorrow
  • Today we will be reviewing elements, compounds, and physical and chemical changes we will not be going over the periodic table of elements because you will be covering that in history.
  • Well thats the bell have a great rest of your day and remember to study for the test tomorrow
  • Science test tomorrow
  • First off is elements and compounds. Elements and compounds are both pure substances however elements are made up of only one element and therefore only one kind of atom, compounds on the other hand have two or more elements chemically combined to form a new substance for example H2O is a compound is has two different elements that have been chemically combined to form water compounds also consist of more than one atom.
  • Now we will go over chemical and physical changes. A physical change is just a change in appearance to that given substance for example if I painted a car Im only changing the cars appearance therefore making it a physical change. Chemical changes on the other hand are when two substances are chemically combined to form a new substance.
  • Science Test tomorrow
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