Ravenous Roommates
Updated: 2/12/2021
Ravenous Roommates

Storyboard Description

Roommates Elijah and Mike struggle with food storage in their fridge.

Storyboard Text

  • Mike and Elijah are roommates. Elijah gets home with groceries. He sets the bags on the counter and begins to put the food away.
  • ?
  • Elijah has finished putting everything away. Larger items are on top and smaller items are on bottom. Everything is in its place.
  • ?!
  • @#$
  • Later that evening Mike gets hungry and decides to have some cheese.
  • Mike puts the cheese back on the top shelf behind other items instead of on the bottom shelf. The next day Elijah wants cheese and cannot find it.
  • Elijah accuses Mike of eating all the cheese and an argument ensues.
  • Both roommates move on from the argument but the cheese is forgotten behind other items on the top shelf and begins to turn moldy.