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Updated: 2/22/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Reunification Under The Sui Dynasty Ancient china was strong and weak on and offThe Sui dynasty reunified China after century's of civil wars.
  • Wendi's Rule A general named Wendi seized power in China in 581.He strengthened the central government and gave less power to local nobles reunifying China. Gave farm land to soldiers and promoted Buddhism
  • The Grand Canal Yangdi had many public projects that were very expensive and were forced labor. Many people died working on these and Yangdi became very unpopular. Projects include expanding the great wall and building the grand canal. In 611 a famine occurred and the people of china rose up and assassinated Yangdi
  • The Spread of Buddhism
  • Buddhism in China During the collapse of the Han dynasty many switched there beliefs to Buddhism. In Buddhism good karma ends suffering and can rebirth you into another life. They could reach the state of nirvana.
  • I'm poor now but I will be reincarnated into a new life.
  • Impact on Confucianism After the civil war Confucianism made a comeback. Daoism Buddhism and Confucianism competed and Confucianisms concern with earthly duty influenced Buddhism and Daoism. Confucianism emerged as important part of China's society.