Valentin's day dance

Updated: 6/15/2021
Valentin's day dance

Storyboard Text

  • it was February 14 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon and the school had just announced that we were having a valentines day dance in our school gym and we were having a Valentines day dance .
  • I was so exited I was just worried that my mom and dad wouldn't let me go  but I knew that if I asked and they didn't say yes then my brother would have my back.
  • so when I got home I asked my mom if I can go to the dance and she said she would think about it but i was on a time limit because the dance started at four thirty  and it was already three forty-five so i had to get an answer out of her quickly or else i would be late .
  • So I started to fallow behind her and she went in to the living room that is were i saw my dad Sitting on the couch it looked like he just got back from work And that was my moment i came out from behind and I asked both of them if I can go but they both said no, and so I asked my mom and dad over and over and they said no so then i tried to explain that my friends were going and it was at the school but they still said no .
  • So then I decided to get my brother to help me develop a plan and I predicted he agreed our plan was to convince them because my brother was in high school he has been to many dances so we decided to go to the living room and talk to them . We started to have a back and forth conversation and finally they said yes .
  • I quakily went to my room to change and my mom dropped me of I was really excited I went in and there I saw my friend and I started talking to her on why I was a little late  and she told me that her parents were like that to , and she made me understand that that my parents were just tryin to look after me and make sure it was safe .After they dance was done my mom came to pick me up and i thanked her for letting me come.