Storyboard for russian revoultion
Updated: 1/30/2020
Storyboard for russian revoultion
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  • Czarist Rule
  • "I am Nicholas II and I am now your ruler of our beloved country Russia."
  • Civil war
  • WE WON!!!
  • The March Revolution
  • "Down With Autocracy! Down with the war!"
  • In 1894 Nicholas II becomes the next czar of Russia. In addition, he continues the tradition of autocracy because he didn't think that he should portion his power with anyone. Furthermore, he was not liked by the public because of his cruel policies and horrible rule over Russia.
  • Nicholas ll
  • "Get ready for our final picture kids."
  • The civil war had happened in 1918. The civil war had lasted for 2 years. The red army had been led by Leon which had battled with the white army. About 14 million had passed in the civil war. The red army had won.
  • Bolshevik Revolution
  • "Hello I am Lenin, and I am now going to take immediate action to make Russia a better place."
  • During the March Revolution, 200,000 laborers and even the authorities protested for change in Russia. This occurred because the citizens werent okay with with what was going on back then. For example, they were not happy with the war and with the food shortages.
  • Stalin Takes Power
  • "Hello Russia, I am Stalin, your new leader. I will have absolute power over this country for now on."
  • Nicholas II abdicates his throne do to the March Revolution. As a result, this shows an end to the Romanov dynasty and a beginning to a new government. A year later, he and his entire family were executed. He had stepped down and soon they had replaced him.
  • During the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin takes over power in Russia and immediately takes action. He then starts to turn Russia into a communist country. Russia had became a terrible diaster after the war happens. Lennin had came up with a plan to restore russia. They come with a brand new ecomnomic process.
  • In the year 1924, Stalin is the next person that takes over power in Russia. By 1928 he had already taken total command of the Communist Party. Furthermore, he becomes a complete dictator and enforces a totalitarianism government.
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