Constitution Storyboard
Updated: 11/22/2019
Constitution Storyboard

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  • Story Time! Let me, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington tell you about our long hard journey to make the America you know today!
  • First President Washington won the Revolutionary War and created the Declaration of Independence, showing our independence from Britain. Then we started working on how to run our country and we accidentally made our first attempt really weak. The document we created was called the Articles of Confederation.
  • Next we tried to fix this weak document through the constitutional convention where the almost all the states attended a 4 month long meeting to re-write the constitution. Here we came up with the Virginia plan where congress was based on population and the New Jersey plan where congress was based on equal say. Then we created the Great Compromise merging the two plans, creating the bicameral legislative branch we have today. We also came up with the 3/5s compromise saying that 3/5 of the total slave population will count towards a states population
  • In our new government, we would create 3 branches. The Legislative Branch that creates laws and is made up of the house and the senate. The Judicial branch that interprets the laws and the executive branch that enforces the laws. To make our government not have complete power, we created separation of powers to split up the powers of the central government. Each branch is able to check the other branches and is checked by both branches. This is called checks and balances.
  • After creating the Constitution and coming up with the plane for the government, there was a small problem. There were two groups at this point, the federalists, those in favor of the constitution, and the anti-federalists, those against the constitution. We had to get a compromise once again on how to run the nation creating the government and powers that are in place today. But in order to sign the constitution, the Bill of Rights had to be created to please the anti-federalists to make sure that their natural human rights and the rights as American citizens were kept.
  • Finally the two sides came to an agreement and ratified the constitution, abandoning the Articles of Confederation.The End