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Lord of the Flies
Updated: 10/10/2019
Lord of the Flies
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  • Two boys, Ralph and Piggy meet each other after their plane crashed on a remote island. Ralph finds a conch shell in the water and blows it to summon any other boys that could be on the island. Many boys come, varying from the age of 6 to 12. Of which is a choir led by a boy named Jack Merridew"We can use this to call the others.Have a meeting."
  • Once the boys have been summoned., they decide to have a meeting. They put in place rules, l and vote for a chief. Ralph wins, but he allows Jack to be the leader of the hunters. From then on the boys begin to settle into the island. They build shelters, signal fires and they hunt for meat on the mountains. "I'm chief then"
  • The boys make a big signal fire, but it ends up growing out of control and burns down a lot of the island. One of the littluns dies in the fire. The boys' savagery begins to grow, especially Jack's, who is becoming addicted to hunting. The boys are already growing w reckless. "The madness came into his eyes again"
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