com150 solution
Updated: 3/18/2020
com150 solution

Storyboard Text

  • Greetings, welcome to SYSTEMS
  • Wow, a young representative. He must be capable.
  • Hi, glad to have you assisting me.
  • What I am looking for in this project are... (Project specifications)
  • Is this what you mean?
  • For sure, let us tally what I said with what you had noted down
  • Please, allow me to clarify the requirements that I had noted down with you.
  • Able to produce quality work as Justin notes down whatever Jalen had said.
  • So this is what he meant by this part, glad that I clarified with him.
  • That great, you did what I had told you. I knew I can count on you. Now, let us proceed to the next phase.
  • This is the progress of the project that I had done based on our previous meeting.