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Updated: 12/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The Golden Curse
  • Freyas Beautiful Necklace
  • When Thor's Hammer Was Stolen
  • King Midas turns his daughter Marigold into gold. He realizes that theirs more to life than just gold and that hes made a mistake wishing for everything he touches to turn to gold. He goes to find Dionysus to undo the curse.
  • Loki steals Freyas beatiful necklace. He turns into a seal to try and hide from Heimdall; the watchmen. Heimdall turns into a seal and fights Loki for the ecklace that he returns to Freya. Loki and Heimdall become enimies.
  • Thors hammer; mjollnir goes missing. Loki helps him look for it. He goes to the frost giants homeland looking for the hammer. Thrym has it and says he will only return it if he marries the goddess Freya.
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